So theres no way to transfer my PLE work to a retail verion?

Just got done reading I guess what you could say the “fine print” of the downsides of trying out the PLE version of toonboom animate and I am pretty angry having now realized all the work I did in the trial version of ToonBoom Animate will have to be redone. I was under the impression this entire time once I bought ToonBoom Animate my work would be switched over seamlessly.

So now if I ever want to publish my cartoon I’m working on without a watermark, this means I’m going to have to screenshot each frame I drew in the PLE version, import it, and trace it on to its own separate layer in the retail version, doesn’t it? I’m so pissed right now and severely unmotivated to begin this process.

Can someone tell me this is a joke or fill me in on an easier way to get my drawings transferred?

I have not seen anything written that is misleading about the limitations of the PLE.

First paragraph at the top of the download page:

“…This is a free software, with no time limit. However, work that you do in this version can not be brought in to the retail version when you do purchase.…”

Stated clearly in bullet points upfront and eye level:

"PLE Limitations:

Designed to learn, not for commercial use
Toon Boom logo watermark added on each frame
Projects created using the PLE editions are not compatible with full retail versions"

I don’t see anything that suggests this ever changes once you upgrade to the full version.

It was your error as it appears that you brought your preconceived ideas regarding general trial software to the table and are looking to blame Toon Boom for misleading you.

The work you did with the PLE isn’t a loss as you have the experience under your belt and can do it again using the full version. It was time well-spent. Enjoy or suffer the process of doing it again. It is just a different state of mind.