Does anyone know of a good way to make falling snow. Not flurries, a steady heavy snow. I’m going to try dubbing ten or so frames like I did with rain but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to work af well with somethig that falls slowly like snow.

Something like this…?

The snowflakes are drawn (lots of them) on one Drawing-Element. This Element is about 10-times the size of the Grid in the Drawing-View.
(the bigger this size and the longer the animation the slower the snowflakes)

This Element is cloned 5-times (six layers of snowflakes). Every Element was offset into a different Z (depths) position and then animated. Every Element got a different frame-position at frame 1 and 2716 (that is the whole length of the animation), some got a frame more in between to give a hint of a different direction (all very slow moving regarding the length of the animation).

Happy Holidays

I was trying to get an effect like that which would have been used in an old Warner Brothers cartoon. But it always looks just slightly off.

The snow in this animation of mine ( was done using several techniques:

1. Drawing random white dots on a layer that is much larger than camera view.
2. Using the motion feature to move the snow down and across the screen.
3. Using the scale feature to add further changes in perspective.
4. Repeat this layer a few times, set each layer at a different distance within the 3D space, and adjust within the timeline so it looks a bit more random.
5. I also used the repeated layers so I could have the snow continuing to fall for the duration I needed.

Hope this helps.