snow particles

Sorry, I’m newby and I’m not sure where supossed it should be post this question.
I’m trying to do a personalizeted FX with starting with the ones than are already set up.
I’m trying to do a snow, and I’m almoust happy with what I get… just that I want to add to the FX a rotation on the snow flakes.
My flakes are falling slowly and pacefull on the ground, but… I want that in this falls they just rotate a little over themselfs.
I think I should add a “velocity-rotation” node. But that’s the problem… it doesn’t works (or I’m not knowing how to do it works)
I’ve tryed to anim the flakes, but then doesn’t works as I want either.
Any clue, please?

You need to open the particle baker and checkbox the “move angle” checkbox, otherwise it won’t rotate in place. Velocity-rotation is what you want too, just wont work without the previous being done.

It was exactly that! I’ve forgot to keep active this checkbox.
Thanks so much!