Snow Leopard Patch?

Sorry if you have addressed this elsewhere, but I was reading the forums for answers about issues I had with sound not being present on export as well as choosing a camera for stop motion.

In several of those posts I have seen mentioned an upcoming patch to fix incompatibilities with the newest OS for Mac, but I can’t seem to find that patch anywhere. As far as I know, I am running the latest version of TBS 5, so I don’t know that I am missing anything.

Do I need to get a download? Am I missing something?

Well, the Sound-Issue with Snow Leopard has been addressed:
Log in to your Account, and download the newest version…


downloaded the patch and gave it a quick once over, and it seems to be working. thanks for taking care of that. I thought I was doing something wrong, so that’s a load off my mind. Now I can get back to learning the program.

This is slightly depressing.

I have exactly the same problems but I cannot find where to download the ‘patch’ that you mention. I have a CD version and I have now downloaded the build 5.0.13834. As with the previous guy I can scrub in the edit window but not on main timeline. I also have an Intel macbookpro running Snow Leopard…

Can you help?

hi- do you mean that when you hit play with a project open in TBS 5 that you do not hear any sound? When you right-click on the sound element in your Timeline, is there a checkmark next to “Enable Scrubbing”?

You mentioned that you downloaded the latest TBS 5 build, from your Toon Boom user account I guess- Can you please check that it installed correctly by going to [ToonBoomStudio 5.0 > About ToonBoomStudio 5.0] - it it is build 5.0.13834 as you mentioned and you still have sound issues, you can send your project sample to and we can test it for you.


Dear Debbie
firstly thanks for getting back so quickly (it makes a huge difference to how the software is viewed). Secondly, the mistake is resolved so it looks like there is no further intervention needed.

The only significant difference was that I saved the project to my desktop. Previously I was using an unsaved project. This time I saved it in view of needing to post it to you for inspection.

This appears to be the difference that effected a change.

Best wishes and thanks again.

great! i hope you have fun animating!


I’m sorry but can somebody explain how to go about downloading this patch? I believe I am having the same problem. I can hear sound during editing but not playback. I’m running os x 10.6.4

Thanks, matt

To download the patch, go to the My Products section of your account when you are logged in to

You should see a list of your products and you should be able to download the most recent release.

How come after I download “Studio 5” under “My Products” and try to install it, it says the version on my Mac is newer than the download version?

How is this possible? I canceled the install. Should I go ahead and install it anyway?

I am running ToonBoom Studio 5.0 Build 5.0.13834.

I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8