Snow Leopard Mac OSX 10.6

Are there any known issues if I update to the latest system?

Well, I updated yesterday to Snow Leopard (10.6)…
Toon Boom Studio 5 still needs about 30 sec to start up,
but otherwise, so far, everything works fine…


Please tell me, is sound playing back for you in 10.6? I find the program still seems to work fine, but does not play back any sound.

Note: I chose Quicktime X on my install, and suspect only users with Quicktime 7 installed may have sound.


I currently am not getting sound playback.

I did a clean install, after an update didn’t fix all of my leopard issues, and forgot to check the QT7 box. I’ll install QT7 tomorrow, and hope it fixes it

Well, I presume this is not an QuickTime X issue…?
(I have QuickTime 7.6.3 in my Utilities folder)

Sound-playback works in any other Animation-Software, e.g. Animate, Cinema 4D,
Anime Studio…, but not in the Timeline in Studio 5…?
(Sound Playback and -Scrubbing are enabled)

It works though in the Sound-Element-Editor and Preview, but not when exporting
to QuickTime… (the Sound-Window is subdued)

Exporting to QuickTime with Sound works in all above mentioned software.

Maybe Studio can’t just cope with Snow-Leopard yet…?


It’s fairly apparent it has at least this one issue. I did submit a bug report a couple weeks ago, and the reply was that their testing team would check it out.

A status update would be cool, but I’m sure they’re working on a fix.


Testing team is finishing test on a new software and once this is done they will hop on the Snow Leopard compatibility with all the current software. I don’t have any specific dates yet but if you find out more issue you should let us know and we will forward them to the testing department, this should help us speed things up.



Just following up on this; it’s been over a month since OSX 10.6 has been released and still no patch (or word) on the sound issues… I know Apple will be releasing an update to 10.6, but I have to wonder if ToonBoom is waiting for the Apple patch, or actually diagnosing and working on a bug-fix at this point.

It really sucks having a brand new Mac and no friggin sound in TBS5!!

TBS5 is awesome, but I am looking forward to getting some sound here.


The patch is actually out. There is a press release in the New section about it. In any case you can recover it by going to the My Account>My Products and download the version there to replace your current one.

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Sorry, I hadn’t noticed the announcement. Works awesome now — thanks! :slight_smile:

Will TBS 4.0 run on Mac OS X 10.6? I’m thinking of upgrading to Snow Leopard, but I don’t want to cause myself problems with my TBS installation.

My current version of TBS is 4.0.10667

(Currently running OS X 10.4.11, on a 2.16 Intel Core 2 Duo iMac).


Version 4.0 was not actually certified for the latest version of OSX has it is no longer in production. The software may work under that OS though it is to use at your own discretion has we cannot guarantee each and every features will be fully working. If you have friends or another machine that has Snow Leopard you may want to ask them to download the trial to see if the performances of the software are suiting your needs.

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