Sneak peek at the next version of Storyboard Pro

Check out the new sample material that our in-house artist, Geneviève Demers, has been working on:

High resolution image

Notice anything new in there? Layer groups... what else do you see?
Happy new year everyone. Exciting things to come!

I see… new icons and that Geneviève hasn’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet.

I want to see… an amazing special discount price at least for a few days after the official release :slight_smile:

Luis Canau

very excited - when’s the release date, soon right?

Hi Kathryna,
Our support team will contact you and help with this issue.

Here’s another photo of the new Storyboard Pro.

In this photo you can see Marc-André Nadeau, our Storyboard Pro Project Lead, working with the new Qt scripting engine, that can be used to automate some of the functions in Storyboard Pro.

Join the webinar on Thursday for a live sneak peek:

wait…what??? Qt scripting engine wowwwwwwwwwwwwww this is cool!

is there any way to re-watch the webinar if I missed it ?

Same question as Philippe, did you guys, or anyone record it?

J’ai également manqué le webinar. Meeting de dernière minute…
En tout cas, j’aimerais beaucoup pouvoir le voir. Est-ce que c’est possible?

Missed the webinar but what is that Graph editor on the right side in the Qt scripting screenshot?

Also are multiple timelines/layers a feature yet so we can have a characters lower torso walk cycles happen on one layer and the characters upper body acting with much different timings on another? That’s always been my biggest feature request and a majority of my colleagues. For instance have 2 characters with 12frame walk cycles broken up on one layer then on the other layer do all the arm gesturing and mouth expression/talk posing on another timeline layer with it’s own timing. So we don’t end up messing up the walk cycle timing while changing acting timing.

Looking awesome! I take it toonboom 13 is coming this year as well?

Storyboard Pro 5 is out! Here is our blog article about it:

Check it out!


Thank you

Yes, that’s a function editor, or graph editor. It can be used to edit the camera or layer function curves.

The recording of the previous webinar should be posted later today.

And thanks for the request. This is something that we are considering for the future and it is always good to get the point of view of how it will be used.



The recording is now live on our website:


Un enregistrement du webinar est maintenant disponible en ligne:


Hello again!
Here is a glimpse at the Welcome screen:

There you can see that Storyboard Pro now supports 23.976 NDF timecode!
Keep an eye out for more news!