Smoothing Stop Motion

Windows Vista, 32 bit
Toon Boom Animate
GIMP 2.6
ATI Radeon HD 5600
90 GB free space

I’m experimenting with an animation in which I load photographs in*.png format and use them in a mixture of stop-motion and animation. That is, I might import a sequence of 6 photos showing an ‘arm move’ and later add them to a motion peg. I’m shooting at 24 fps, loading the photos in 2’s which gives me an approximation of how long the actual movements took. If I go to 1’s it will be too fast.

I’d like to have a way of smoothing the transition between frames so that the motion is less jerky. I’ve though about taking more photos per motion, I’ve also thought about apply motion blur to the photos in GIMP and I’ve also considered using a motion peg to create small movements.

Have I missed any obvious alternatives?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Lilly

Thanks for the reply. I’m re-assured that I’ve not missed the obvious.


Rob, might want to look into using After Effects for what you want. They have a feature called Frame Blending that does exactly what you want. The best free tutorials for that program are on

Thanks for the post. Very useful.

Hmm I can’t really think of any. I think it’s just a matter of doing some experimentation.