Smoothing at a higher number

We are very new at working with drawing and Toon Boom as a whole. I have a question about working with drawing tablets and the smoothing setting.

Does having the smoothing very high at 100 make it a lot easier for a newbie to draw straighter lines?

Or would you recommend drawing the line with smoothing on 20 and then using the Contour Editor tool and then choosing smooth to remove extra points?

While loosely freehand drawing, perfectly straight lines are possible by holding the Shift key with either the pencil or brush tools.

FWIW, I found it much easier to draw and have the line do what I wanted it to when I switched from a Wacom Intuos Pro to an iPad Pro with Astropad. The drag, weight of the Apple Pencil and its not having the springy tip of the Wacom stylus made a big difference for me…these benefits aside from gaining the Cintiq-like feature of drawing directly on the result rather than a remote control experience and its consequential disconnect using the tablet.

I don’t think there’s a perfect value for everyone, you should try to find what you’re more comfortable with. The maximum smoothing value might be too high for regular drawing, transforming an ‘S’ into a ‘C’, for instance, straightening your lines too much. Maybe try to start with the default value and increase it in small increments, 30, 40, etc., and see if you like the results.

Of course, if you want to draw perfect straight lines you can always use the Line or the Polyline tools.

Luis Canau