Smooth Drawings Gone!

Okay, so I lied. I broke down and bought v2.5. One of the biggest selling points was that in the Lite version I tested (although it crashed constantly because I was on 10.3) you could set your preferences to smooth drawings!!! Finally. That was my biggest gripe when I reviewed TBS when v.2 came out. So there in the Lite version for mac I see they took care of it. In good faith, without a trial version, I bought 2.5. Now I can’t find a way to antialias my drawings!

Somebody please tell me I’m just missing it, because otherwise, the number one selling point for me to actually buy this for the mac was left out! What the heck? In an upgrade, you’re not supposed to LOSE features.

Try this…

From the menu, select Toon Boom Studio > Preferneces. Then click on the Display tab. You’ll see “Smooth Textures & Bitmaps”, right under the heading “Rendering Options”.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks for your reply. I’m afraid that’s not what I’m looking for. There was a way display your lines antialiased (smooth) as you drew them in the trial. The preferences tab that held that option is no longer there in 2.5.


I also noticed that smooth drawings was gone. I e-mailed ToonBoom ( about it and they replied with:

"Unfortunatly Toon Boom Studio 2.5 was not implemented with Quartz3D support. The application is only running with OpenGl which is faster but doesn’t have the nice anti-aliasing like Quartz. That’s why you don’t have the nice smooth lines when you draw.

Please note that it will not affect the quality of the lines in the final result but only the display in the Drawing mode is affected while using the software."

I replied back with:

"Thank you for your reply and a great version 2.5 upgrade. The OpenGL is much better than the previous version, but please strongly consider adding the Quartz support in the next version (I noticed you had a smooth drawing option in the second beta that didn’t work). It was great to draw with the nice anti-aliasing in version 1.2.x because it matched better with what the final output looked like. With quartz extreme and a decent processor I would think the speed would be fine."

Please send them an e-mail requesting this feature. Maybe if more mac folks request this feature they will bring it back.


I think I will email them. I can understand wanting to keep minimum sys requirements low for several reasons, but why not make the antialiasing an option for the folks with a little more power.

I’m afraid my review isn’t going to be so good this time for TBS. I can’t imagine Macromedia releasing a Flash Lite demo version with antialiasing and releasing the full version upgrade with it gone. And of course, they’re not going to mention features they’re going to leave out…they are after all trying to make a buck. So on one hand, I don’t blame them, but on the other hand, I can’t get away with doing business like that. When I release an animatic to the client, I can’t cut out the characters that are going to be difficult to animate before I release the final to the client. Can you imagine? Me neither. So I remain disappointed.

They really shot themselves in the foot with this one. How am I supposed to draw in TBS2.5 without seeing what it’s going to look like ??? I mean who’s going to do a test render of the image after every single stroke?

Maybe they expect people to use TBS2 to draw the images and then load them into TBS2.5 to animate the whole thing (argh)… I really hope, no, I really demand they add support for Quartz rendering in and it’ll be a free point upgrade. This is really not acceptable. Even Moho has proper antialiasing display (and it’s a 90 bucks animation programme) which also is cross-platform, it really can’t be that difficult.

We’d like to give you an update on the anti-aliasing option you have been requesting since the launch of v2.5.

To accomplish the development of TBS v2.5 for Mac OSX, the R&D team worked on major structural improvements in the software compared to TBS v1.2. The team decided to primarily focus on functionality and performance using OpenGL, hence postponing temporarily the support of Quartz to re-implement it when Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) becomes available. This will enable to take advantage of hardware accelerations that will be present on this new Mac OS.

The team expects to complete this development during the first quarter of 2005, unless 10.4 gets longer to release.
Thanking you for your understanding and continued support,
The Toon Boom Team

Hopefully this will be a free update?


A little tip. What you can do to get decently anti-aliased (smooth) lines is to turn on hardware anti-alias on your graphics card. On Windows you’ll most likely find it uner Display Properties, in the Settings tab press Advanced… for GeForce cards choose the GeForce tab and pick Performance & Quality Settings on the left (don’t know exactly where it is on ATI). Then set Anialiasing to not be application contorlled and push it as high as it will go (4x is ok, 8x is better). Note that you can Add… a profile for ToonBoom, so that it will only use these settings when running TBS and not all Direct3D or OpenGL applications.

I don’t know how you would do this on OS X, but it should be possible as the graphics cards on Mac are pretty much the same as on Windows machines.

Thanks ragtag, but I don’t think that’s going to do it for us mac folks.

Hey Ragtag.
Good tip. Not perfect display quality but a LOT better than the TBS PC standard. Thanks!

It’s looking like we may have to buy the upgrade to get smooth drawings. Is that the case? If so, after feeling a little burned by the last purchase, I’d have a hard time shelling out more money just to get what I thought I payed for the first time.

Really? Why?