Smooth color animation

Hello everyone!
I have a small problem that I can’t solve.
I have a chameleon rig.
I need a smooth transition animation from one color to another.
I add Hue-Saturation, but the transition produces toxic colors.
What are the options for animating colors in TB. Tnx you for your answer and time.

Try a Colour Scale Node.

hi. tnx you, but I don’t understand how to work this. Can you give me a simple example?

Place the Colour-Scale-Node between the drawing and the composite,
Then keyframe Red, Green, Blue etc.

Im trying to animate a TextField using the Tween Starling class. It works fine, but visually speaking, when I run the animation, it sort of jumps from color to color in particular colors, producing a little twinkle between those colors.