smoke particle effect

I’m still getting my head around the particle effect system. I managed to create rain. But has anyone tried to make transparent smoke that just hovers? I’m assuming I’d use white with the alpha way down. A basic particle system. Anyone have any tips or whatnot, on what modules, settings, to make a haze of smoke in a room?

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I’ve used particles for something like this but it was tricky (compared with other software). I would explore two options:

Try animating this without a particle setup. Fade your layers in and out, and use the morph tools. Create loops from this. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it probably will run easier (lighter) than the particle setup.

Check out some of the smoke tutorials for Blender 3D. Some of this is not very hard if you have 20 minutes to investigate. Import your Blender render as sequential PNG files with transparent background. You can also use the chromakey module in Harmony to adjust keying of effects rendered outside Harmony.

Good luck.

I suspect that you could use the Turbulence effect module for this.

You can simulate smoke with a couple of transparent solid shape (animate so the shapes change slightly over time). Add a couple of these with a strong blur and possibly some extra transparency (as needed).

If you make a few of these layers at different Z-depths, you can even have a character walking forward in the Z-axis “through” the fog/smoke which is something you could not easily do with a particle effect.

It’s also much simpler than using the particle system to do it.

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i was actually checking out some of the showcase to see what other people work on. shit! i’m definitely doing far cruder work, and that’s not gonna change anytime soon since i’m by myself except for friends who do voices and a musician friend. i did one episode and put it on kickstarter and then quickly pulled it off, feeling that i could do better work. i was kinda just learning shit. first i learned maya some, then i learned how to import into harmony, and now i’m figuring out particle systems. i can’t rewatch it, it’s kinda terrible, but as it goes along it starts to get better as i start to figure harmony out a little, etc. i still don’t know what i’m doing obviously.

that’s the one i pulled off kickstarter. it’s incoherent, the audio is recorded at the lowest possible bitrate, and the script was a mess.

ep2 has a set script, other people besides me recording voices (except for one person), and i’ve upped my game!!

here’s a test trailer for this episode…

no smoke, unfortunately. but if you want, i’ll shove up a youtube clip.

did you really want to know all of this? probably not, but i’ve been up for a while working on this, this morning, and so i’m oversharing.

That is an ambitious project.

Thanks for the links.

I ended up using particle effects. It’s not that I didn’t want to learn blender but I decided that I might as well jump right into harmony’s particle effects. I know maya enough to model, so maybe I’ll try to get my head around their particle system as well as getting familiar with blender’s.
I used chalk to make an outline and a paintbuck to color it white and just used some of the modules to make it look semi-delightful.

Next up: trying to create a liquid in harmony’s particle system.

Are these little learning projects or pieces to a large project?

Would be able to post a small clip of your smoke result?