Smaller "Paste special" dialog

This is really a minor issue but due to this I hope it can be considered for the next version :slight_smile:
I’m using Animate 2 on a MacBook pro, screen resolution is 1440x900. Animate is supposed to work with a minimum of 1280x1024, nevertheless on my machine everything works fine - so far, I’ve found that only the “Paste special” dialog is not designed to fit this screen resolution: the OK and Cancel button are covered by the icons in the Dock and you must use the keyboard (ESC or ENTER) to close the dialog. I know that I can automatically hide the Dock but I prefer to have it always visible.
So maybe in the next version you can stretch the dialog a bit or use a smaller font (such as the one used in other dialogs) and make Animate fully compatible with 900 pixels vertical resolution.