Small headsup about learning from a professional animator

Hello, I hope this isnt too much of a problem for posting this topic for fellow animators who may want to learn from a professional animator.

Id like to share this facebook page MovieMakin done by Mike L. Murphy. Hes a professional animator who worked on movies like Iron giant, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and such and he creates a bunch of valuable educational videos about making animations, how it works in animation studios and all kind of useful tips that can help get animation career.

He uses maya and does 3D animations, yes, but thats just a small portion of what material he makes that you can use in anything involving movie making.

There is also a paid membership where he updates tons of useful videos but instead of me explaining all you may maybe just wanna see some of the videos he made.

I think the things he teaches does apply to all animators including toonboom users, giving you more reason to make animations with toon boom as thats pretty much the best 2d animation program i use :smiley:

Your link doesn’t work

strange, it does work in chrome and firefox for me even when logged out. Well if you type in facebook search “moviemakin” then youll find it easy