Sluggish When Keys Selected


I notice from time to time that, after I have created and rigged my characters, and started to add some keyframes and do some animating, all of a sudden timeline scrubbing and general operation become very sluggish if I have a keyframe (or group of keyframes) selected in the timeline. In order to bring back normal operation, I need to manually deselect any keyframes, which obviously slows down my workflow considerably.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific series of events that triggers this behaviour, it doesn’t always happen, and it doesn’t seem to relate to the complexity of the scene. Just now and then, a project will become unworkable due to CPU overload when trying to do anything whilst a keyframe is selected.

Anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?

Edit: I just noticed, it isn’t only when keyframes are selected, the problem actually occurs when any single frame is selected in the timeline.

Just me then? Oh well! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add, if I make each element into a template and copy each one to a brand new project, I can work again without the error.

So, it seems somewhere along the line, the project is getting corrupted.

I’m not an expert on the subject, so I have no input other than I just wanted to say I experience the same behavior once I start animating and adding more keyframes.

In fact, my question to anyone would be: what is the single-most effective thing to upgrade on my PC would be to improve the performance of Toon Boom? Would it be more RAM perhaps? Or maybe something along the line of a faster processor?


It depends where you are hitting a bottleneck. If your issue is slow display on screen when you change from frame to frame then best upgrade would be a video card. If you encounter difficulties with rendering time and stability best upgrade would be Ram. Processor would be an upgrade option if you are finding your render speed too low.

Also be aware that before going for an actual hardware upgrade you might want to review your project and look for ways to optimize it. Try avoiding pencil line if you can (which now can be converted to brush) and also try to flatten your artwork.



Thanks for the tip about flattening artwork. You brought up pencil lines, which I’ve noticed are inferior to brush in almost every way, and even when I’ve used the pencil, it seems like it’s more memory hogging.

What would be an example where pencil would be more beneficial to choose over brush aside from creating lines, rectangles, and eclipticals?


As you are designing your characters sometime it may be more efficient to use a pencil line as you define the form of the character since it is a single center line that you need to manipulate over 2 opposite and of a line. The other advantage of the Pencil is that it will allow you to change the thickness of the line on the fly by simply selecting the line and changing the Maximum size of your pen.

This being said those lines are quite heavier and if your artwork is pretty much settled it is advantageous to convert them to Brush to save some more memory.