Slowing down Animation

Say all your scene is done and there is one element going too fast and you decide it is needs to go at half the speed.

Is there a fast way to expose each drawing for an extra frame (doubling the length of the animate making it run at half speed) other than do it manually(just dragging each frame acccross and extending the previous frames exposure)?

Sure. Select the cells in the x-sheet that you want to extend the exposure on, and then at the bottom of the x-sheet you will see “Exp” with a 1 and some arrows that will allow you to increase or decrease the exposure. With the cells selected, just hit the up arrow next to Exp and it will increase the expousure to 2.

That’s the quickest way. You can also select the cells in the x-sheet and right-click and do Exposure > Set Exposure to > Set Exposure to 2.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

thanks i knew there had to be a better way :slight_smile: