Slow response to drawing but only in specific board

I’m having trouble with the brush not picking up and having a long lag for every stroke when I try and draw at any speed. Interestingly, while I’ve occasionally had this problem on other boards, this particular board is always a problem, every storke. As far as I can tellm if anything the file has less drawings and less layers than others I’ve worked on. The file is only 248 mb as opposed to the over 1 gig file I had very few problems drawing faster on.What can I do to speed this up? It’s nearly impossible to draw, except extremely slowly.I’m using an alpha brush, but I have the same problem using the anti-aliased brush, not smoothing. I’ve tried flattening layers and minimizing the layers with no noticeable difference and I’ve changed the stroke quality to low in preferences.

Hi,Are you using textured alpha brush or normal alpha on the solid color?It may be that the over stacking of texture color causes a slow down.Regards,Ugo

Both textured and normal alpha were going the same speed of slow and lag.I worked around the problem by going back to an older version of the board. On the older version, there is no trouble with any of the drawing. For whatever reason, the version I was working on was impossibly slow.

I’ve found that soundtracks with stereo channels will slow down my storyboards. YMMV