Slow Response Time

My Animate moves sluggish, even with vector artwork, and no audio in my scene. I have tweaked my openGL settings in every way possible. I just got fed up and reset my defaults. Needless to say still nothing. Which is disappointing, because I know Animate is a powerful program.

I use a Dell XPS, 4GB DDR2,ATI Mobility RADEON HD 3670 - 512MB, Intel Core 2 Duo P8600.

This should be enough.

Anybody know of something I could try? Please and Thanks.

Does it happen to all scenes or on specific scene?
Hide all other elements and try with only one or two object if it still moves sluggish.
Check if you have enabled any specific options from preferences.

But if this happens on random or empty scene, I would consider it is mostly caused by the video card. Animate (pro) uses full OpenGL 2.0 for the display and this is mostly found in Nvidia card. There are some ATI card supporting OpenGL 2.0 but not all the models are fully supporting as Nvidia does which is in system requirement. Using unsupported video card supporting full OpenGL 2.0, it might be slow in display or random crash. You can try up-to-date the video card driver and change the setting for more performance than quality from your graphic card option. You can also change the camera view window smaller by 30 % if it can be helpful for your issue.

Hello guys!

I would like to buy a new graphic card : the Radeon HD 5870.
It seems to support OPEN GL 3.1

I understand you guys ask to use nvidia technology, but this card seems really great.
Will i have problems using Toon Boom using this card? Will it be fully stable ? (no slowing down, black screen crash,…)

ps:If there is a page on the site which mentions all the tested and fully compatible hardware: sorry! I didn’t find it. ^^;

Thx forward ! :slight_smile:

The system requirements for the Animate family include NVIDIA® or ATI® Video card fully supporting OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM

Current System Requirements:

You should be fine with that card as we support ATI supporting OpenGL; but it is always a good idea to check our system requirements with your computer retailer before purchasing the card. To be absolutely certain, you may also want to try it out for yourself. Maybe they’ll allow you to test with the PLE (personal learning edition) of Animate /Animate Pro on a machine equipped with that card. If you can’t download it there, see if they’ll let you install it from your usb storage device.

PLE’s (Personal Learning Editions):

Thx for answering, Debbie!

Have a good day! :smiley: