Slow Playback and Export

Hi, I downloaded Toon Boom a little over a month ago and it is very slow for playback and export. When I try any type of export even preview the movie the export takes forever and when I playback a scene it moves very slow. I tried exporting a 20-30 sec movie and it took close to an hour. The format I use is HDtv 1080p 25p with frame rate of 25 Is there any way to speed up my program. Any help is appreciated Thank You.

Do you have a lot of bitmap elements and textures?
Is this one scene of 20-30 seconds?

What happens when you make a new scene, set it to the same export
settings and length and draw a few strokes - is it still slow to export?

I added textures and that makes it slow but even without them my program is still really slow. Every time I open the project with the two textures it says not responding when I try to go to a different scene. This project consists of six short scenes. Even if it is a scene with a few strokes it still takes long to export.

It would help knowing what your system specs are. Can you provide a description of your computer hardware and operating system?

Its a windows 8 dell with 8 gb ram and 64-bit operating system x64-based processor.