Slipping Through

I’ve enjoyed viewing all the work on here and thought I would share my ToonBoom test animation.

I learned a lot working on this and am excited to make some more animation with ToonBoom.

Beautiful artwork and nice animation. How did you move the hair? Morph? It looked okay although it wasn’t such a natural movement–the tips of the hair always stayed up. But still it was good.

Thanks. Yeah, I used morphing for the hair and frame by frame animation for the roses. The morphing was a lot harder to use effectively than I thought it would be. It might have been easier to animate the hair frame by frame. Not sure…

I would do the hair frame by frame, it will be easier to control the motion – take a look at how, say, a flag ripples in the wind or a whip cracking, it’s basically the same kind of movement – a wave motion, the strand of hair will go up and down as the wave moves down to the tip.

Lovely artwork, though, very pretty girl!

Agree with others on the hair, really didn’t work. It also didn’t fit with the plants not being effected by the wind.

I like the whole plant growing transformation except the point you looped it. I think it would of been better if you didn’t do that last fade of the green leaves. I don’t know about anyone else but it looked “wrong” to me.

Very pretty. I’ve had trouble getting morphing to do what I want myself.

Very pretty!