Slight blur on rendered network frames


When i render using the render network there is a very slight blurring effect, almost like a tiny gaussian blur on the whole thing. (i have no effects in my project) Nothing much but it reduces the quality slightly.

If i export using open gl frames then i cant get an image with background transparency that i can just open straight in photoshop, (the only way i found was with PNG4 on the render netowrk)

I am just trying to export a single frame image

any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds like the anti-aliasing when the images are rendered to bitmap images. If you select realtime anti-aliasing (under Edit->Preferences->OpenGL), does it also show the same amount of blur?

Hey, thanks for the suggestion…

i already had real-time anti aliasing on so cant be that.

I’m struggling with exported images with background transparency as well.
I tried Network rendering but it doesnt work for me, or do I miss something?

I need to export image sequences and import them to photoshop for further development.
I need drawings only without any background.

Anyone can help?


How are you exporting – what format? If you have a write module setup in the network, you can configure how things get exported (file format, etc).

Thank you so much! That was it! Write module!

Things work great if just know how they work :wink:

It may be related to the antialiasing that is done on the image layers themselves. Check out what it looks like when you hit Render View, this will show the same thing as the image export. In the Layer Properties of an image, you can adjust the antialiasing quality. If you set it to Low, there will be less antialiasing, and the layer will appear sharper.

Hope this helps!