Sliding a group of drawings along the timeline?

How do you move a section of drawings along the timeline?
I’ve drawn a number of keys of a character running across screen. They’re all single framed and are grouped together in succession. I would now like to grab all but the first drawing, slide them further down the timeline, and repeat this process until all of my keys are positioned where I want them along the timeline.
There is a very easy to do this in TVPaint, so I’m guessing there is with Harmony as well, but that I’m just not picking it up in any of the tutorials?
Any help would be appreciated!

No. I should make sure that I’m clear on what I’m trying to do; I’ve gone through creating a segment of animation, creating key positions with no tweens. All of my keys are one-frame-after-another, and now I would like to slide this group of keys further down the timeline to position them each where I want each of them to be.

Can you slide them as a group with Harmony? In TVPaint, the exposures (instances) each had handles with which you could grab and slide groups of frames. I know Harmony doesn’t have those “handles”, How is this action accomplished using Harmony?

Are you using pegs to move it?