Skipping cells

All was well, then TB stopped letting me click on each cell. I can now click on every 2 or 3 frames (when I click on a cell, it moves me over to some arbitrary number of cells down the line). I tried copying into a fresh file, but got the problem again. Is there some problem I can fix?

I figured out the problem but not the solution. If I copy a cell into another location of the timeline, TB fills in all the prior cells with new ones (so if you paste a “Mouth-D” into frame 21, it’ll stick in “Mouth-1” through “Mouth-20” up to that point. That clogs up TB’s processing and even undoing at that point won’t fix it. So my question is how can I paste a cell into a frame without TB filling in the preceding frames?

Rather than pasting cells into frames, I suggest that you use the cell swapping functionality of TBS. Here is a description of how it works. If you have additional questions just ask them here. -JK


I am having the exact same problem!! This problem occured before when i was still a noob in TBS 3.5 but its happening again in TBS 4.0!

I am 3000 frames into my animation and suddenly when I select a frame in the elements window the cursor will jump around randomly between every 3-5 frames. Its like TBS is suddenly deciding to change the frame rate when all the preferences and animation properties are still the same.

This is a MAJOR issue and makes it impossible to continue!

The weirdest thing is that its the exact same problem I had in 3.5.
I thought for sure it was fixed since I made it so far into this animation, before it would happen only a few hundred frames in but now I am looking at 3500 frames of work down the toilet unless I can figure out whats happening here!

Obviously its a glitch but Im wondering if it could have to do with a conflict of audio type or image type.
Everything I animated is hand drawn and scanned, I am working with all .tif images and .wav audio.
I also switched from XP to Vista so the issue has followed two versions of the program and two operating systems.


You should be able to avoid this behavior in Toon Boom Studio v4.0 by going to the function Editor and unchecking Sync Current Frame. Also be aware you maybe benefit from using multiple scenes inside your project rather then keeping everything in a single scene (if that is not already the case). This should help avoiding instabilities with the software.

Concerning the cell skipping this was fixed in version 4.5 but the unchecking should be a good enough fix for your specific version.

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Wow, I’m glad I found this thread. I’m also using TBS 4.0, and this would happen to me whenever I added a new drawing element (layer). The timeline playhead would only move to every other frame. Anyway, unchecking sych current frame fixed it. Previously, I had to relaunch the application to fix it.