Skew Problem

When I select an element with the skew tool in camera view I get a blue bounding box and green pivot point on the element - but the white handles as shown in the guide appear a long way from the target element. They work, but I cannot get in close to skew because they are on the other side of the scene. It’s as though they have remained in the position the character appeared when first added to the timeline from the library. Before any further exposures the character was moved to the start position via the scene select tool. Could this be a reason for the skew handles separating from the blue skew box?

The SKEW tool is similar to the ROTATION tool in that you really only want to use it for two things. (1) positioning the green pivot point used for referencing the skew angle. (2) copying or deleting just a skew keyframe from a frame containing other types of keyframes.

But when you are animating skew parameters you should use the TRANSFORM tool to set skew keys. Hold down the ALT key while you have your element selected with the TRANSFORM tool and it converts into a skewing control box.

Here is an additional tip. Because the skew pivot and the rotation pivot are the same green pivot point you may want to use a separate parent peg element for skew animating that way you don’t interfere with the rotational pivot point setting of the attached drawing element. Or you can just use the transform tools temporary (blue) pivot point for setting your skew pivot reference when you are setting your skew keys. Just remember that you can’t move the green pivot point for either rotations or skewing after you start keyframing without impacting all previously set rotation or skew keys. -JK

I have the same problem could anyone give some help please?