Sketch layer and a detailed layer on top?

In toon boom harmony essentials is there a way to make a layer for a sketch/rough animation and then a layer on top, where I can still see the rough animation, and I can make a detailed “final” version on top without effecting the sketch layer? I work best when I have a colored rough layer and then I can draw a black final version over it. The closest thing I found was a “ghost” layer, since I can see the colored rough layer under it, but the problem is I can’t erase the ghost layer without erasing the drawing layer. With the ghost layer, I also can’t find a way to remove the sketch lines and just leave the final version. The image I included shows what I’m trying to say, with the light grey layer being the sketch and then the black layer is the final. I need them to be on different layers, so they don’t effect each other, but where I can still see the sketch lines while I’m drawing on the final layer, and then delete the sketch layer afterwards.

I dont know exact what features essentials has. I use Advanced but I guess you could just add another layer above the layer with the sketch and draw on top of that.
In Harmony adv you can set the layer properties ( double click on layer name to get that ) to be % transparent.

If I add another drawing layer, I can’t see the one under it. Are the layer property options available in essentials? I will look for it next time I have it open.

Are you in the drawing or camera window?
You might need to switch the light board on?

It could be several reason for not seeing it I guess.

/ Mattias

Yes! The light board is what I needed! I just made two drawing layers and turned the light board on and I can see the bottom layer without erasing or drawing on it. Thank you so much, this will help a lot. :smiley:

Great. I know how irritating it is to now find the sollution to a problem.