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Hi all -

before i go back and reduce the frame rate from 30 to 12fps on my thirteen scene project, is there a way i can take a .mov/.swf file, run it through some sort of a converter to reduce the file size … what i have done is create a feature (some fifteen minutes) at 30fps … i need to take an exerpt, some 3 minutes, and put it on the web as a sample … the current size is some 80 megs, too large to have pop up when a viewer clicks a link … i converted it to a wmv, but that is 30 megs, still too large … my thinking is that if i go back, take each scene, set it at 12fps, then adjust the action, it will reduce the frame count and file size to a more manageable web file … any suggestions would be greatly appreciated … thanks, dan

I suggest that you might want to take a different route rather than go through all that trouble of messing with your timing. Output your entire feature to a movie format then using a non-linear editing program you can chop up the feature into small clips and create a trailer style video for the web. This will be much faster to produce and you can really show off the highlights of your work without the massive file size. -JK

Hi J -

Thanks for the feedback … this clip is going on a client’s website … I have already taken the scenes I needed from the full feature and have created a .mov file … it stands at 27 megs … far too large for the web to display in a timely manner - so i am guessing … i am also guessing the non linear process you talked about was to create the exerpt and not a mechanism to convert the .mov into a web friendly trailer … i have loaded similiar sized clips up to youtube and was surprised that they displayed immediately … i guess i am looking for whatever process youtube uses to process clips so that there is no delay in loading and playing … my feeling is that they somehow reduce the ratio but am not sure … any ideas would be greatly appreciated … thanks, dan

I’m just getting into the habit of taking these huge files I export and converting them down to Divx (outside of TBS). If you export a higher quality file from TBS, most ‘youtube’ with better quality looking videos can come out small with 480 x 360 at 900kb to 1000kbs video rate. It’s normally the SOUND that significantly boosts the size, in my case, but if you’re doing video only, use any 3rd party converter.

Hi All,

I was reading this post and a couple of things popped up in my mind:

In TBS you can export not only the whole timeline (when you make “Export movie…”) but also a range, that you can easily decide with the numbers boxes in the former window, and then choose the way that best fills your needs.

If you decide to export the whole movie anyway, then you have an editable QuickTime file.

In Qt (Pro version for around 30 bucks), once you’ve opened the movie, just drag the cursor where you like your export starts, press “I” (IN), then drag the cursor again (or play the movie if you like) until you decide it has to end, click “O” (OUT) and then export it for the web pressing “Shift+Command E” (mac) or “Shift+Control E” (pc) in the format and compression rate that please you.

Yet I don’t really see the need to do it with Qt when in TBS you can quickly setup ranges in your timeline, whether you need to use a QT export or a Flash one.

I’m sure I’m missing something…