size of imported images

Hey all –

I’m wondering about the size of imported bitmap images in TB. Sometimes I have a large scene that has a lot of panning in it, and I want to import a large bitmap background to provide complete coverage of all the camera moves.

But TB always shrinks these images to fit the grid. I then have to shrink all my animation accordingly if it’s a very large scene, and adjust the pen thickness to have consistency between scenes.

Anyone know a way around this? It would be nice if TB simply imported bitmap images at actual size. Also, does anyone know if TB resamples bitmap images it imports? The way it shrinks everything to a uniform size is suspect. (BTW, I prefer not to vectorize background images because big backgrounds make the file enormous and slow TB way down.)

Related question: What dpi do folks recommend for making bitmap images? I’ve heard 72, but is that the case for HD movies as well?


Go to File / Import File / select your image(s) / from the import options uncheck “Fit image to camera width” that should import your image in the original size…

Depending on the quality you’re after…
Personally I would create bitmaps mostly in 300 “ppi” (the PS-term of Resolution)
and the required size (depending on camera movement)
Sometimes 72 or 180 ppi might be sufficient…
(down- or up-sampling in Photoshop might result in deterioration of quality and blurring).

You might have to experiment, what Dimensions and Resolutions work best for you…


great -thank you. I’m not seeing the “fit image to camera width” option – is that a 4.5 thing? I’m still using 4.


Well, I guess “Fit image to camera width” might be only available in 4.5…


Hey Nolan, I upgraded to 4.5 so now I’ve got the option of unchecking “fit to camera size” – only problem is that now TB is giving me an error message when I try to import the background. It says the file is an unsupported size.

I checked the manual, and it doesn’t say anything about size limitations on imported bitmap images. Couldn’t find anything on it in the forum here either. Maybe you know?


Well, what size are you importing…?
So far I have successfully imported images up to 6000 x 3375 pixels…
somewhere higher than that the cut-off starts… “unsupported size”…
One can still size-up a little in camera-view without much quality-loss…


yeah, that’s my worry is degrading the bitmap by enlarging it in TB. The particular graphic I tried to import was 8000 x 3436. My project is HD 1920 x 1080, so if I want any kind of panning to happen, I’m going to be dealing with large background images. How much enlarging do you think bitmaps can take in TB without quality loss? And do you know of any kind of compressed image file that TB would have an easier time dealing with – one that would result in a smaller file size yet at the same time allow me to make it multi-thousands of pixels across?

How do people deal with shots like long walks that pan for a long time? I suppose a work-around would be to do long pans as separate scenes, trying to match the background exactly, but that would be a serious hassle.

thanks much!

Well, using JPG / 300 pixels/inch / Quality High (8)…
you might push the limit to 6500 x 3656…?

“Digital Pro” (using PLE) can import of course much higher resolutions…
(9000 x 5062 was no problem)

Haven’t used “Animate” yet (still using OSX 10.4.11)…
You might like and check the PLE out…


I have a limited workaround on this. If the line art is still in b&w, and you can save it as .psd, you can then import it as a drawing element with “import and vectorize.” Then the drawing is a fake image background of sorts. You can resize it freely (with all the additional horizontal to the sides) but you have to color it in Toon Boom.