"Size" not working on Storyboard Pro 6 Welcome Screen

Hi Toon Boom,

I am using Storyboard Pro 6 and am having trouble with the Welcome Screen size - I cannot expand it out to read the Recent Projects list on the right hand side.
The screen has a column on the right and is only wide enough to display a few characters of the file names.
Both the column itself and the window cannot be changed in size - ie. I cannot drag the corners or the sides of the window.
I discovered under the SB logo, top left, a drop down which lists “Size” and even gives a cross-arrow cursor, though not even that works disappearing after each attempt.
How can I solve this so that I can reveal and read the list of files/projects?



Hi Tolley,

This looks like it might be a DPI scaling/resolution issue.
Are you running SBP on a Windows machine?

If so, right click the desktop and select “Display options” (On Mac → System Preferences → Display.

Depending on what options you’ve got set currently, I would play around with difference scaling percentages - The closer you are to 100% the better the result should be - but it may also make text too small to read if you have a high res screen.
On Windows you can also set “custom scaling” that affects only the fonts - Give that a try too.

Remember each time you change a DPI scaling setting - sign out of windows when prompted, then sign back in.
If it still doesn’t look good, try the next DPI step, and logout/in again until you find a good one.

Let me know if that resolves it for you!

Thanks, pckinnon,
but alas, no joy. I tweaked all those preferences and nothing.
If you click on the SBP 6 logo in the top left corner it offers “Size” in the drop down, gives you a cross arrow cursor, a horizontal one at the edges and a diagonal one at the corners when you mouse over.
For me, once I click and drag, it’s locked and the cursor vanishes.
Just broken.
Not important, just annoyingly small and un-fixable.

Thanks for the reply at any rate.


On my current production I work with very long file naming structure, with the version numbers at the end.
These are cut off on the welcome screen due to lack of drag-able resizing bars.

I would certainly like to see this updated in the next version of SBP.

Hi Tolley

Thanks for trying my suggestions - DPI scaling is often the cause - But I can see it looks like the layout file has gotten corrupted.
So I’ve made a little workaround for you (hopefully the link doesn’t get eaten)

Inside there are 2 folders with 1 file each - Edited and Unedited.
Take the .ui file from “Unedited” first, and paste here it
C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 6\resources\forms
There’s no need to save the original file as it appears to be corrupted anyway.

If that fixes your problem, then great!
If it takes your fancy; there’s also my edited version of the file, which stretches out the “Recent projects” section to make it possible to read LONG file names (someone else was asking about this on the forum recently)

Let me know if that solves it for you - Show me a screenshot if anything else happens and I’ll see what I can do for you.


Ah there we go! The post was right below!

Hi Hugh; if you look just above your post, I’ve given Tolley a replacement .ui file to fix his display issue
But there’s also an “Edited” version of the same file which will take care of this filename length problem!



I consider that the closer you are to 100% the better the result should be - but it may also make text too small to read if you have a high res screen

Thanks so much Paul!
I first tried the Unedited version and that didn’t work, but your Edited version works a treat!
Many many thanks for that. Now I can see the list of recents in their entirety.

Thanks again,