Size differences in drawing and camera view

I am stumped…
I am digitizing in the drawing view and when I look in the camera view, everything is a different size. Is there a setting or something i need to have checked on ( or off) that makes each view the same?
See attached…

one of two things: you scaled up the LAYER (not the drawing) or the layer is pushed in Z. open the data view in your timeline and check out the values of your odd layer. scale should be 1:1 (or at least the same scale level as your other layers to match them), and your Z should be 0…or again matching your other layers.

hope that helps!

Also compare the alignment rules if they are different elements from the “Advanced” tab of the layer properties.

The Camera view requires an object before the grid appears. The Drawing view toggles on and off with an otherwise blank window. (See next section)

As for the scale differences between the two views, this has never bothered me. The Camera and Drawing views serve different purposes and switching between the two maintaining identical relationships may be useful at times but it is not imperative. It seems logical for a Camera view which can be thought of as akin to a real life scene with physical camera would not necessarily match when toggled between the Drawing view which, to me at least, is more akin to the view of your drawing table directly from your eyes. The object sizes are accurate. It is only a difference in the way they are displayed that is different. The relationship between the grid and drawing is consistent. There will be more instances when your Camera scenes are composed of multiple objects and arranged to play to the camera rather than to the ideal placement for drawing or posing. People will even add a dedicated camera for objects so they can isolate them and work with tools only available in Camera view.

I wonder how and why this is the case.

Me too is stumped about why camera and drawing views shows different “scale” when there is no camera created or z position changed…

Its easy to see, try this:

1: Put the grid on (yupp, thats right, grid shows only if you have painted a layer first, odd!)

2: draw a square after chosing

3: make sure the view size is set to 100% on camera and drawing view

Now jump between camera and drawing view, see the difference? Yupp, drawing view seems “zoomed out” while it shoud be the same “size” on both camera ciew and drawing view…

Is this by design?