Single tap drawing pressure insensitivity

I’ve been using the PLE of Animate Pro 2 for several months and I generally love the drawing tools and responsiveness.
However, if with a Cintiq or Wacom I tap lightly without dragging the pen at all, I get a huge clump of ink as if the highest pressure value was detected instead of a light one.
If I make a tiny segment instead of a “dot”, it works fine.
Has anyone else noticed this? If not, perhaps it’s something with my mac/wacom preferences. It happens quite a bit while I draw and I simply undo and make sure to make segments rather than ‘dots’.
I have both an Intuos and Cintiq and it happens with both.

Anyone else?


I vaguely remember having this problem in the past-- but it seems to have disappeared at some point along the way without my noticing.

It’s an annoying glitch-- all I can think of is to make sure your Wacom drivers are up-to-date.

Having two different tablet drivers installed on the same system can cause all types of display and tablet glitches. Make sure that there is only one tablet driver installed (try the latest like Len suggested) and delete the tablet preferences and redo them fresh from the tablet utility.

You’re not accidentally hitting one of the pen’s buttons when you tap lightly I assume (this actually happened to me).