single frame drawing without auto exposure

I’ve been looking through the manual as well as through the forums, but I can’t find a clear answer to this.

When I’m doing frame by frame animation, I would like to be able to select any cell in the timeline, draw a picture, then select a cell down the line and draw another single picture, without the exposure extending to fill the gap.

I see that I can use the hotkey alt+shift+R to create an empty drawing, but this breaks momentum for me. It seems that this would be a feature that I could turn off. Am I missing something?


Can you tell me which exact version of Animate or Animate Pro you are using ? If you could have a look at your “About…” dialog, I’m expecting something like : Version X.X.X (xxxx).

Please, let me know.


Hi Francois - I have Animate Pro 2 Version 7.9.1 (6016).