Simplified Brushes tool panel

Can we bring back the simplified brushes panel from 1.6. I liked the easily available brush resizing. And don’t suggest using the “O” key modifier.

It was just simpler with the integrated presets, resize slider, and color swatches.

Also move that useless brushes icon from the tool panel. Vertical space is limited and if the panel is small all I see is an icon that doesn’t do anything.

Or if you can’t do that . Add a resizing slider to the preset brush panel.

Yes this is what I have now but it is not optimal. The old way was simpler and better. The slider for changing the brush size was easier to hit and always there.

I would like the old simple brush preset panel with consolidated colors and big brush slider as an option in one of the panels. Call it the simplified brush panel.

One big problem with the brush controls on the selected tool panel is that the slider is now impossible to hit with that tiny arrow controller. Also if the panel is too small you just get the space wasting non functional tool icon and have to scroll to get to the functional icons.

Hi jon - we all have our own techniques an i am still amending mine . but I used to use the slider for changing brush size in old 1.6 . eventually though a stopped and simply added half a dozen preset sizes . This way you know where your brush sizes are at all times . with the slider technique you either have preset brushes that are constantly changing position or you have only one brush of variable size . And we know the slider only ever went up to a 100 so we always had to use the ‘o’ key to get bigger brushes .

I am certainly not telling you to change its just i went through that process and found this method ultimately simpler .
hope that helps .

I made a ton of presets as well. But it would still be nice to have a consolidated brush panel with a bigger resize slider and the colours right there.

I never use the resize key “O” since it so awkward. I remapped one of my cintiq buttons but always forget it. A nice easy to hit slider would be great.

The other problem is that when I switch over the panel to see my panel info it is too small and all my dialog etc is to tiny since I have to have 3 panels to replicate the simple brush panel from 1.6

Also it would be nice to be able to arrange my preset brushes since I now have so many.

If you click on the down-facing arrow to add a window to your workspace, add the Brush Presets window (not the Brush Presets toolbar) - this will look pretty much exactly the same as your old pen styles from 1.6. Just set up your brush presets to be the sizes and colours that you want and off you go.