Simple Walk Cycle

Here’s a walk cycle I did of a character I designed a few years back:

It’s about 8 hours work from rough sketch to where it is now. Couple of things I’d like to touch up on but for now I’m moving on to another piece.


it seemed like the frame rate was low. but the motion was well done. :slight_smile: one thing i think worked in your favor was the characters lack of hips. in the future you could make’m slithery
waddle like Donald duck; because the legs, tail and torso have a sort of floaty-ness that you dont see in the shoulders.

I like the character a lot!
And it is a pretty good walk. The only thing I noticed was that his right hand snaps into the up position a little too sudden and the other hand is moving more fluently.
But very nice work overall!


That’s a pretty good walk cycle in my opinion. Looks like a “determined” walk. Good to see the far foot staying higher than the near foot, adding a touch of perspective.

Can’t find any faults. However, slightly off-topic, Marty Bish convinced me that adding shadow under the feet really adds to any walk cycle and when I tried, I found it quite quick to do.



very nicely done! :slight_smile:
the head kind of looked not right to me though, as if it’s moving in the z axis back and forth, it gets bigger then smaller… was that intended?