Simple rotation of image

I’m trying to do a simple rotation of an image, maybe have the image rotate 15 degrees in each frame, so that it completes a full 360 degree rotation. Is the easiest way to do this with the rotation tool? I tried following the instructions in the manual, where I move the frame slider to frame 2 and rotate the element 15 degrees, then move to frame 3 and rotate 15 degrees, etc. But after about 10 frames the image began rotating in the other direction, and I couldn’t get it to keep going clockwise!

Also, in the properties window for the image, what exactly does the rotation box show? It doesn’t reflect the degree of rotation of the image in each frame.

Is there a better way to make my image rotate?

Letting an object rotate 360” you have to keep in mind
that the pegs rotation values are 0” at both keyframes (start and end).

That is the reason why your object is rotating back to 0” the closer
you come to the last keyframe.

You could of course rotate your object at the last keyframe to 360”
and let Toon Boom Studio do the rest.

Try this:
Open the Function Editor and open the Rotation Function.
You will see the Degrees on the left and the Frames on the top.
Alt/Option-click the green line to create a keyframe at your chosen position
and drag that keyframe upwards to your chosen degrees and watch your viewport.

Create as many keyframes you like until you reach 360” or even more if you like.
For precision you might prefer to type your figures into the Function Values window.

In the Peg Properties window you can change Scale, Skewing and Rotation
as a whole without setting any keyframes, very precise for adjusting your object.


Thanks for your help! When you say to rotate my object at the last keyframe to 360 degrees and let TBS do the rest, do you mean that I should copy my image from the first keyframe to the last keyframe and then use the rotate tool to set the object in the last keyframe to 360? This is what I’m trying, but no in-between images are generated, so there are only 2 images (the first and last.) I attached the image to a peg and extended the peg past the last keyframe; should I also extend the image past the last keyframe in the Timeline window? How do I get TBS to do the inbetweening? I checked my preferences, and they are set for inbetweening (the box for Create Constant Keyframes is deselected.)

I will also try using the function editor, as you suggested, but want to know all the different ways to rotate an object.

On the first frame in your scene (or the frame the peg animation starts from, however you want to do it) right click in the x-sheet and “set exposure” for as many frames as required.

Scrub the timeline or try a playback and the empty frames you mentioned should be there.

Where Flash tweens from one key to the next, in TBS pegs just move a layer through time along keyed set points - not from one drawing to another.

So once your frame is exposed for the length of time you require, attach the layer to a peg and you know the rest to get it to rotate over time. When you’ve got everything working, consider your timing and have a go at the “Velocity Function” in the “Function Editor Window” - it’s an awesome tool for adjusting the timing of your pegs!

Hope this clears things up - Good luck!


Draw a square or any other shape in any colour.
Right-click your frame in the timeline and from the contextual menu choose Extend Exposure,
write 50 or any number you like and click OK.

Select your drawing in the timeline and click the “Add Parent Peg Element” button.
You will see that this peg has two keyframes at frame 1 and frame 50.

Select this peg and move your time-slider to frame 50,
select the Rotate-Tool and rotate your object 360 degree.
Play your animation.


I’m trying the various suggestions, but striking out.

When I try to rotate my image by rotating it 15 degrees in each frame, I end up w/ all images in all frames rotated to the same position, rather than each image rotated slightly more than the one before. What am I not understanding?

When I open the function editor, it doesn’t show any functions in the Function box except None. I attached my image to a peg, as instructed in the manual. Anything else I’m missing?


This is probably because the image layer is selected and not the peg layer. Rotation can be apply to an element (will not animate but position the whole element layer), and to a peg (pegs are use to add animation).

If you select the image element, the rotation pivot point in the camera view is green. A peg’s pivot point is red.