Simple question

I’m sorry for posting such a seemingly simple question, but the user’s manual gives me a headache, it’s so dry.

What I want to do is simply draw some cut outs - for example, an arm. Then I want to put said arm into my library, clear it from the drawing view, and then draw a leg…eventually having an entire character split into parts that I can use over and over again to do animations.

I’ve tried simply dragging/dropping from the drawing view to the library panel (the intuitive method), but that just drags the drawing further across the screen.

How do I do this?

Thanks. Oh, and I’m using Studio 6

You have to create a drawing object on the timeline. Then drag that into the library view.

Drawing object on the timeline?

I’m assuming that a drawing object is me drawing a picture, and the timeline is where the frames are - down below the drawing area. How do you create a drawing down there?

I need step by step instructions, I’m slow like that. ;D

If you find the manual to be dry please try out the tutorials they are very good. If you want step by step instructions isn’t that kind of like re-creating the manual? ???

Yes the Timeline is down below where the frames are.