simple question

I’m very new to all forms of animation and have just started out with TB studio express. I’m wanting to animate a line that travels between destinations on a map (similar to what you see in the indiana jones movies)… Is there a simple way to do this??? any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hello. I’m kind of new to animation too. I’m not familiar with Studio Express, but I can tell you how I did something similar to that in Studio 4. I had my Exposure Sheet open, and in the first cell of the drawing element I started the line, just a dash. Then I copied that cell and pasted it as a new object in the next cell. In the second cell I extended the dash a little so it started looking more like a line. I copied that second cell and pasted it as a new object in the next cell, extended the line a little, and basically repeated that a bunch of times. My line animated itself very quickly because I was moving along one cell at a time. If you want it to move slower you’re going to have to extend each new cell image one or more extra frames. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, that’s how I did it in Studio 4. Like I said, I’m not familiar at all with how Express works.

Here is an tutorial article about Subtractive Animation Technique . This may give you an alternative approach to your drawing a traveling line on a map. The idea being that you only need to draw the line once and then animate it being drawn by means of subtracting small bit of the line and then reversing the frames. -JK

thanks for your help guys, the subtractice animation worked perfectly. cheers