Simple Question: Opening templates in 2.5

I have TB 2.5 on a Mac G5 running OS X10.3.9. I can’t get the template files to open (or copy into the Global Library). With TB open, when I click on a template I get the message “the file may have been moved, renamed or deleted.” TB & the templates are in the same folder. I think it is a linking problem, but on a Friday at the end of the week my mind has gone blank. Its got to be something so simple I am overlooking it.

I have not used TB much and don’t remember what I did last time.

Thanks in advance for the help.

First of all you have to put your Templates you want to import
into the Global-Library-Folder.
Make sure in the Preferences that this Folder is choosen as your Global-Library.

Open your Library window / Control-click your Global folder and select open or
maybe create Library / and import your Templates.
Select that Folder / should the Library window be empty / Control-click
that window / choose import / and select all the Templates you want to import.

It’s all fairly straight forward.