simple question on adding a drawing

Ok this is a noob question (even though I have been using this software for years gg)

Is they a way to add a frame on ONE drawing layer - instead of ALL drawings? When I want to add a drawing (Ctrl G) it adds frames on all of my drawing layers (putting space gaps in my background layers for example. I assume there is a function in properties to switch this to a single drawing layer only.

I have a work around, but its kind of annoying not to be able to quickly add a frame with a single key stroke on ONE drawing layer only- without effecting my other drawing layers.


You might be thinking of F5, its the hotkey for extend exposure, You want 1 frame or 1 drawing on your time line, place the drawing on your timeline then click the end of your timeline or wherever you want the exposure to stop, press F5

yes thanks, that kind of works just like the + and - keys. That workflow does works because you can extend the frame then delete it (to add an in-between) I just thought there must be a simpler way.