Simple question, im a noob

Hey guys, i just got toonboom, and im having a major problem.

I have imported an image into toonboom, but i cant adjust it in any way. It wont let me color it, rotate it, etc, etc. I dont want to create a drawing element and trace over it and do it all over again.

Because i have already a lightoard, and i have already hand drawn 50 images, and they have all been scanned already and onto my computer. How do i add colors to the clotthing, and change it, basically edit them. And also, how do i vectorize my images? when i first tried the program, it always showed this dialog box saying (no sharpness, etc) but now it doesnt ocme up anymore.

Please if someone can help me answering this, please tell me ASAP. Thanks again guys!

in the exposure sheet, right click on the the drawing and it should bring up a menu. select “import and vectorize” select “from file” and choose the drawing you want to import from the file you have saved. Does that help?

hi guys,
for a vectorized import one must be in a ‘drawing element’ in the exposure sheet.

any import into an ‘image element’ winds up as a noneditable bitmap.

Hi and Welcome steryotyper,

Toon Boom Studio is a vector based software it doesn’t contain any bitmap drawing tools.

You can vectorize the image and paint it with TBS or you can draw over (like rotoscopy) by adding a drawing element on top and putting on the LightTable (keyboard shortcut L). This the best solution if you are planning to animate this image.

If you want to use your image as background or static props, then you don’t need to do this.

In the camera view you can rotate, scale, skew and transform bitmaps but that’s about all you can do with them in TBS.

Hope that make sense.