simple morphing issues

Hey all. So here’s the deal. I’m going through the entire user guide to teach myself Harmony 10.3 and I’ve come across an issue with the most basic of morphing exercises.
In the morphing chapter the very first example has you turn a rectangle into an ellipse. When I follow the instructions, the color (which is auto filled as directed) morphs spot on. The line however gets all jacked up and inside out before turning into an ellipse. No amount of pencil or contour hints can fix it.
I’ve watched the same process performed on the same computer using Animate Pro 2 and both line and color fill worked perfectly. So what’s up with Harmony?
Thanks in advance!

This is normal, there is currently a problem with the morphing of line-art in Harmony. Stick to morphing color art regions for now until the line art morphing is corrected in a future release or patch.