simple animation is complex for a beginner like me?

Hi ,.i have started reading and reviewing all about the software( with no animation background) and wanted to achieve a simple animation like this below:

can somebody help me through the process and let me know how much time do i need to spend to achieve the same output?


Hi eb2016 and welcome to the world of animation,

  1. You should first start by creating the assets you will need (such as fishes, boat, water, top of water/waves, bubbles).
    -Make sure to separate your assets onto different drawing layers. Each asset that should move/be animated on its own should be on its own layer.
    For example:
    Each fish could be on it’s own layer. In this case, you could even have packs of fishes (when the group of 2 appears, for example) onto the same drawing layer, as they don’t have different animations to them.
    The boat, water/waves, clous, etc, should each be on a separate layer.

  2. Add Pegs on top of the drawing layers that will be animated. The pegs are what you will use to move each asset. The drawing layers will only contain and display the desired drawings, while the pegs will contain all of the animation keys.

  3. Use the Transform Tool to animate the pegs of each asset that should move.
    You will click of F6 to create a key, which will make sure the asset your are animating will be at the position you’ve moved it to at this specific frame.
    You will need at least 2 keys in order to generate interpolation between them.
    In order for you to see your asset move, the positions it has on the 2 keys have to be different from each other.

General tips:
-Extend the length of your scene by pulling on the bracket that should be above frame 60 on your Timeline.
-Extend the exposure of the assets by going to the last frame they should show until, and pressing F5, while being on the asset’s layer.

The time it will take you to create a similar scene will really depend on your own speed and understanding of the process. The more you will experiment, the easier it will get, and the faster you will become.
Please note that we also offer training to customers who would like to purchase it. For additional information about this, please contact .