Silly Question - is Updating Free?

Hey, sorry if this is a foolish question, but I have Harmony 14 and am practically drooling over some of the new features in 15 - is updating to the new version free?

Nothing is free except the trial versions.

Are you on a subscription or do you have a perpetual license?

As part of the subscription fee you can upgrade when a new version is released.

With a perpetual license you have two options: Pay the upgrade fee or maintain a support package which includes upgrades.

You must have a support package before a new version is announced.

In your case you only have the option to purchase an upgrade. If you are committed to Harmony it would be a good idea to purchase a support package within a year afterwards. It has varied but generally a new version is released each year. You will want to have a support package at least before 10 months after Harmony 15 was released to be safe. (Speaking of perpetual licenses here as a subscription includes upgrades).

Upgrade Center:

I purchased a year-long subscription back in June. So, that does include upgrades then?

Yes. Somewhere in your account you should have a link (Igather as I have always owned perpetual licenses and have no experience with subscriptions, they are not on my radar, I have picked up information here and there but don’t remember it well).

Thanks for your help!