sign on the drawing module

What does the sign on the drawing module mean?

I created this drawing layer for deformation rig. Once you setup a deformation on a drawing layer you can not add new frames. So I decided to make an empty (pseudo) drawing layer with two frames for two deformation setups to hold the deformation rig and connect the actual drawing layer to the deformation module, so that I can add as many frames as I want later on. I draw two frames on the pseudo drawing layer that I want to hold the deformation rig. After setting up the rig, I erased the drawings on the pseudo layer. This trick worked but a sign (open and closed brackets i guess) appeared on the pseudo drawing layer module and when I try to change the empty drawing in order to change to the second different view rig, the software freezes. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks for your reply. When I create a deformation rig on a drawing layer, I can not add new frames later on. The bones are disappearing when I add new frames. For example I create bones for a hand. Later on I need another hand instance at the same drawing layer that is attached to the deformation module. I draw on new frame but the bones does not show up for this new frame. What I understand is before you create the rig on a layer, you have to put all the frames that you will use later on. However there is no such restriction for other drawing layers that are attach to the deformation module later on. I can add as many frames or instances for them later on. But I can not add new frames for the first drawing that I selected and put the bones on. If I put the bones on arm drawing layer,I can make hands on a different drawing layer and attach it to the deformation module.(not to the kinematic output but the actual connection point). Then I can add hand frames later on as much as I want. But I can not add new arm frames on the arm drawing layer which I put the bones on. So I tried to create the deformation rig on a separate pseudo layer just to hold the rig and attach all the drawing layers later on so that I can make new frames for each layer later on.

If you want to create more drawings and use the same deformation structure you have to call those extra drawings prefix+number. For example I create one drawing called front in a layer arm. I do a deformation structure on that arm-front. Now I decide to do a second arm drawing that will use the same bone structure. I name (or rename) the second drawing front+2. The next drawing that can use the same bone structure would be front+3, etc.

Now if I want to create a different bone structure on drawing side I create another drawing called side. If I want other drawings to follow this structure I will call them side+2, side+3, etc.

The way the deform works by default is to create a “pose” or bone structure for every drawing with a different name unless they follow the above rule (posename+number). This is practical if you want to put many different bone structure in the same layer like when doing a character from the front, side, back,3/4.

If however you want always to have one bone structure for all the drawings in a layer you can change the Preference>Deformation>Create Pose Deformer in Create Deformation Above/Under to off. Now the new deformation will not be tied to the drawing names like before.

You can see a video tutorial here about this. Check #3 Create a full character turnaround:

Thank you very much.

Hello Tatrik,

I’m not sure first of all why you are not able to add new drawings after you’ve already placed a deform. This should not be a problem. I’d like to understand more about why you felt you ran into an issue where you had to use an empty drawing layer. Can you explain a bit more what you’d like to achieve?