Sidecar Apple Pencil Support

Is there a plan to support Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity/tilt on the SideCar feature coming to macOS Catalina/iPadOS 13?

I wish there is a plan for the full support of the SideCar feature

There is an app called AstroPad. All of the work is in the app. The ability to have a fully pressure sensitive Cintiq-like iPad available when using Harmony has nothing to do with Harmony. The app has a component installed on the iPad and your computer system and it is available to everything running on your computer.

I’ve been sheltering in place without access to my usual Wacom tablet, but I have my MacBook and iPad. I’ve been experimenting with using the iPad as a tablet using sidecar and it sort of works. I’ve noticed a lot of strange behavior though, like in some situations I can’t see the lines that I am drawing. I think that issue occurs when toon boom is full screened on either display. From what I can tell when it does work, pencil pressure sensitivity is working fine on the iPad.

I’ve been trying to get SideCar to work with Harmony, but camera/drawing views don’t seem to update when using my iPad as its own display. However, it seems to work fine if I mirror a display to my iPad—disappointing since it takes away a display I would normally use for reference/tools.

The Cintiq-like/Sidecar visual tablet experience has been available with Astropad, an iPad and an Apple Pencil for years. But nooooo don’t listen.

So any final verdict or update on this? Still weird behavior? I believe Pencil doesn’t support hover cursor though so that’s a bummer.

I have Astropad and it works ok in a pinch, but I stopped using it awhile back and opted for a portable cintiq because as I remember the Astropad drawing experience was only ok, not great, because it’s basically a third party workaround. I want to see if Sidecar is significantly better being a first party solution.