ShuttlePro v2 Macros do not appear to function?

Greetings All:

I’m on the pre-production side of things and I’m having to trackread from within Harmony 9.2. I’m using voice command to do most of the character placement and using the jog wheel to frame advance as I move through the x-sheet. My problem, which results in an extremely delayed trackread, is when I try to line down through the frames to end of sound. I currently have to program one shuttle button to use a forward slash “/”, then turn the jog wheel one frame and do the same button push repeatedly. What I’ve tried to do is program a macro within the ShuttlePro that (1) presses the forward slash “/” then (2) presses the down arrow key. The resulting button push results in a loss of focus on the active frame, with the focus jumping to the next frame number, in the frame number column.

Any ideas or assistance in enabling the use of ShuttlePro macros, assigned to a key press?

Thanks in advance!