Shuttle Pro

I recently stumbled upon a tutorial video demonstrating how the animator used a device called Shuttle Pro with Anime Studio. I’d never heard of it before and thought it was quite interesting and could probably be used to facilitate animating in Animate somehow. Take a look.

shuttle pro basically provides 15 additional shortcut keys to your keyboard which are pageable… meaning you can have multiple pages. additionally, there is also a jog wheel, and spring-loaded shuttle.

the shuttle pro is user-configurable for the program with current focus. most any program on your system can use the shuttle pro, each having its own set of keyboard-shortcut pages…

the shuttle pro is NOT a mouse. for $109.95 USD it is a wonderful tool to add to your arsenal. ~peace

We have already added support of the Shuttle to the new version of Harmony. It helps mainly when doing lip-sync on traditigal projects, where you want to shuttle back and forth with the sound and the x-sheet.

If there’s interest in porting the shuttle compatibility to Animate and Animate Pro, then I can submit that as a feature request.