show pivot?

i know most people here are asking questions regarding animate 2. im just now getting to install and getting to know the animate 1 program i bought year. i am only on chapter 4, near the end.
my question is what exactly is the view > show pivot item under the top menu?
when i was learning the polytool section of the chapter the points that appeared while draweing where really getting on my nerves. in desperation i searched the top menu lists for a way to turn them of. i thought i deselected the show pivot option, which solved the problem. but wait there is a catch. i was having another problom with the polyline tool. the polyline tool was breaking into multiple lines when using my wacom pen input, so i reinstalled the driver.
when i reopened animate those really annoying control points were being shown again. so i deselected the show pivots option and nothing happened. is this the way i originally disabled the control point view? is their another way to get rid of these point while drawing with the polyline?


The Show Pivot option is to show the parent layer’s pivot while being inside a Symbol.

If you could attach a screen grab of what you are talking about regarding the Polyline tool, I should be able to help you.


A screengrab isn’t really going to help with what Im trying to ask. I just need to know how to remove the obstructing control points from being shown when im using the polyline tool.

Do you mean the actual point and Bezier handle of the Polyline tool?

I am trying to figure out which points you are talking about.

There are 3 options I am thinking you could do, but I don’t know if it will solve your issue:

1. If you are inside a Symbol and you refer to the blue pivot cross: View > Show > Symbol Pivot.

2. To hide leyframe trajectories: View > Hide All Controls

3. If you see blye contour lines with blue dots (Invisible strokes): View > Show > Show Strokes

Beside that, I would really need to see a screen show to see what points you are refering to.

Let me know if any of that solves you issue.


Maybe you hit Shift+F11 to turn on the control points for a drawing layer? You could try View > Hide All Controls. A screengrab would really help us, though, as Marie-Eve said. :slight_smile: