Show Controls Shortcut does NOT work with deformers

I’m currently using TB 12.1. I have tried and tried to assign a shortcut to show the derformers of my current item however it does not work.

The manual says:

1 In the Camera, Node or Timeline view, select the drawing layer or deformation group or nodes containing the deformation chain you want to display.

2 Do one of the following:

‣ 	In the Camera toolbar, click the Show Control button.
‣ 	From the top menu, select View > Show > Control.
‣ 	Press Shift + F11.

The shortcut OR the button DOES NOT WORK.

Yes, it is a scene created in TB 12.1.

Is there a shortcut assigned to ‘Show Selected deformer and hide all others’ or is there something wrong with the way TB see deformers?

It is somewhat breaking my workflow at the moment.

Thank you!

“The shortcut OR the button DOES NOT WORK.”

There are 3 approaches.

That still leaves the View > Show > Control

Is this not working as well?

Many times when these things do not appear to work it is because something has inadvertently been deselected that needs to be selected.

I agree. The deformer shortcut does not work.
I find I have to pick the layer and use the control to show selected deformer and hide all others. I can only see one deformer at a time, which is problematic.
If someone official from ToonBoom could comment, this would be appreciated.

The only realistic chance of that happening is to contact support directly. Unless they have a point to make Toon Boom does not even come through this forum to clear out SPAM.

If anyone gets a response from TB please come back and post it here so others can benefit…thanks.

Open Harmony / Shortcuts / Deformation / Show Current Deformers.
Assign a Shortcut-Key to it, (I use F11) click OK.

In the Viewport select the whole character or part of it, then hit F11.
The Deformation-Chain should be visible.

Thank you nolanscott!
I just assigned this shortcut and it made my life a lot easier.

I communicated with support and the shortcut key in the camera view is supposed to do this, too. It is not working and they added it to their bug list.

I used F11 as the shortcut and it is a huge time-saver.

Thank you so much!


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