Show and Tell

Hi, I’m a new user of Toon Boom Studio, and new to these forums. I’d love to see some more work animated with TBS, so I’m starting this thread hoping that people will post links to web sites that show off their art (or show off TBS animation by other artists they admire). Thanks in advance!

Hi, heres a few things that were part of a bigger project but its too big so these are just parts of it…nothing special, you can do alot better but it wasent required for this particular project.

Might have to give them a sec to load…nobody laugh please :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you looked at our showcase ?


I’ve just entered a non professional animation competition to do a 15 second short, that’s not much time. I used Both Carrier 4 pro with the flash plugin and TBS 3. I did the gecko robots and backgrounds in carrier and did the “FrankenGecko” character and sound using Toon Boom. I had to cut the piece as it first turned out to be 24 seconds. Then the contest people compressed the heck out of the .move file I sent them so things are not smooth like the original.

Take a look:

If you get the chance vote mine best in the animation category. I really like to win a “GoldenGecko” statue… ;D

You’re right, 15 seconds isn’t a lot of time but I loved your FrankenGecko. :smiley:

Check out our website as well

I haven’t had any new toons up for a long time since we got involved in live action TV but there are two of them. Our super-short one “Willy” was created two days after I first got ToonBoom. I had never animated anything prior to getting TBS so it is pretty rough.

Hip hip hooray! I am so happy to discover these shorts, thanks so much.