Show all layers in Drawing Mode?


I’m trying to make all layers visible in the Drawing Mode, for some reason I can only see the layer that is currently selected. When switching to a different layer that layer becomes visible, layer positioning does not affect visibility either. And yes, all layers are enabled.


Hi lonrot

If you want to se the other layers as reference you can turn on the Light Table.

Best regards

I’m pretty sure the idea behind drawing mode is to isolate that specific layer to work on and edit. If you think about it in a Flash perspective, It’s almost like if you’re going into a symbol. Turning on the light table bypasses that. Very simple. And then there’s always camera mode.

Why on earth, in a program that has layers and multiplanes-- a simply desire which is to see all your freaking layers. Be so awkward?

What is awkward about turning on the Light Table?

You can also draw in Camera View and see everything.


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I think you got missunderstood and layers confused with onionskin layers. To see all your overlay, color, line and underlay layers, go to edit, preferences, advanced, turn the top slot on, or better still, check all unchecked white squares, then click OK. You will see those layers docked to your right of your Sarge. You could then move the layer tools down to your timeline and dock it. I hope that helps.