Should I update to Mac OS Ventura?

Can i update to Mac OS Ventura without any risk? I have a Mac Book Pro 16 M1 and I’m on Harmony 22.

You might want to hold off until Toon Boom releases info.

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Hello, I already run both Storyboard pro and Harmony 22 successfully on my Intel iMac with OS Ventura. I didn’t try yet on my MacBook Pro with M1 chip.
As far as I can see everything works fine.

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I would also like word on this. I remember how long it took to be compatible with the mac chip so I don’t want to update again until Toonboom releases something.

Bump! I’d also like to know, because after the amount of crashes I’m still experiencing on macOS Monterey with an M1 Ultra mac, I’m very ready to have an update return this app to normal.

Harmony will now crash maybe 30% of the time I hit two keys at once, or hold E and put a stroke on the screen. That’s not that complicated, and it’s a thousand-times-a-day replication so it should really be ironed out. As always, NO auto-recovery with Harmony, and an unreliable autosave feature that sometimes saves every 3 minutes, and sometimes it doesn’t save at all, if it didn’t detect a long-enough pause in my actions! Frustrating, absurd.